Golf is the oldest sport and it is a very expensive game to other games. golf was played in the 15th-century first time and it become very popular until the 17 century in USA and Europe. people think it was a game for the richest gentleman but it is most popular among the 55 million richest people .golf is just like a draw for the richest person. it will take some to learn but it’s very beneficial. this game gave everything to the best golfers to live and settle their future. golf is a game in which u pass a ball in a simple hole which was In an away .golf is the 4th most played game in the world. here we discuss the top 5 richest golfers in the world. whose work hard in this game and win the success.

1. Tiger Woods’s net worth of $800 Million

When we talk about the richest golfers in the world we know that tiger woods is the first one. a tiger is an American person. it was born on 30 December 1975.his full name is Eldrick ton woods. he is known as a money machine with 900 million worth. he is one the most popular golfer in on earth. he won 80 PGA tours and 14 majors. he has a handsome salary package. he is a very hard worker golfer and he is won these awards very easily. every person who’s interested in golf knows tiger woods. he is really good at golf.

2. Arnold Palmer’s net worth of $700 Million

The 2nd richest person in golf is Arnold daniel palmer. He was born on September 10, 1929, in the USA .he is also known as well played golf. he also won several pga tours, his most famous award is a master tournament and he won this award four times.his own company is Arnold palmer enterprises, which deals with the license and commercial partnerships of all the Arnie. Arnold has a smart future package and good living places. he is really known as able golf. His own worth is $700 Million.

3. GREG NORMAN’s net worth$500 a Million

Greg norman is an Australian who was born on February 10, 1955, .he is also known most famous and richest golfer of all time he is a professional businessman and golfer who spent 331 weeks as a world no 1 in the 1980s and 1990s.he is also awarded prizes in golf history .he won 89 tournaments with 20 PGA tours and majors. norman has a lot of money from golf and he saves his money under the company of the great white shark enterprises. after giving the most time golfing he won his life .now he is known as a popular golfer.

4. Phil Mickelson’s net worth is $400 Million

He was born on June 16, 1970. he is an American professional golfer.his nickname is lefty, he also won several awards in golf. he won 45 PGA tours, three master titles and many more. he got 2nd position in ranking due to winning awards several times. Phil Mickelson has their own identity in the history of golf due to their winning several Nobel awards. after a long struggle, he won 400 million dollars and spent a happy and peaceful life.

5. Jack Nicklaus’s net worth is $320 Million

He is an American retired professional golfer. he was born January 21, 1940, in Columbus Ohio in the USA. He is also known as a golden bear. when he take part in this game he won 18 major partnerships and also won a 73 PGA tour. he is considered to be the greatest golfer of all time, he is the owner of the memorial tournament in Ohio. he designed different golf courses and wrote several books.PGA gave him the awarded player of the year five times in his golfing career. he struggle hard in golf and achieve 320 million dollars and spent interesting and peaceful life. jack has 5 children.






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