1. Introduction

Every person has their own desire and he is very fond of setting goals to complete these desires. Some person has an earnest desire to visit the most beautiful places in the world. many companies gave information to that person who is very fond of seeing beautiful places in the world. most of the places in the world can be captured on camera for good memory that’s why most people take well-known cameras with them. however, all over the world is a very attractive but the most attractive moment in Europe sight. if u want to see an attractive moment u can help with the news and the traveller companies. if u want to continue to visit an attractive moment in the world then start with our list of the top 5 places to visit in nice.

1. Paris

Paris is the capital of France and also the capital of France. its population is 2,165,423 in 2019. the area of Paris is 105 km².it is a global centre for art, fashion and culture. eiffel tower is the most famous place of pairs which attracts the tourist to visit Paris. eiffel tower has a lot of beauty which attracts the most attractive people who are very fond of seeing the beauty of the world. The Eiffel tower was first time built in 1889 at Paris World’s fair. this city is also famous due to beautiful museums, galleries and the beautiful trees in the river sight. the perfect time to visit the pairs is June and, that’s why to complete a dream visit to this city.

2. London

London is the capital of England UK. London is famous due to its historical places and museums. the clock tower and the British Museum are the most attractive moments of this city. Most of the families come here for a walk but due to visit its beauty they lived in London permanently . London provides tickets to visitors every time. London is where the richest and businessman families can live and set up their businesses. London is also famous because its bucking places are very beautiful and magnificent. London provides a chance for the visitor to come to London and see the beautiful streets and bars. I am hundred per cent sure after visiting London u will never leave it because it’s a very classy place to live and for refreshments. If u r very fond of seeing the most famous places then I will suggest u add London to your visiting list because it is a very out classy place.

3. Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and also the capital of Lazio. it was invented in April BC. Its area is 1284 km2.this city is a significant visitor attraction as it holds an emblematic monument. special thanks to the ancient roman empire. this city is famous for visitors due to historical places and outstanding build-up structure. the beauty of Rome is the Vatican city and the Colosseum. Colosseum is a magnificent place in Rome. The colosseum is most famous due to its build-up structure. The colosseum was damaged by the earthquake and the ancient roman empire but its beauty is still alive. another place in Rome Vatican city. Vaticana city is a very iconic place. Vatican City is the headquarters of the catholic church .vatican museum is also present in Vatican City where the Rome ancient empire explanation is available. however, the many unlimited beautiful places in this city just as art galleries and pizza Navona. attract the visitor towards I will advise u to visit this most iconic and magnificent place and add it to your visiting list because it is a very attractive place.

4.New York

New York is a famous city in the USA properly known as a never sleep. the most economic, financial and business dealings are held in new york city. New york city is a very attractive place in the USA where the people related to business go and complete their dealings there. most of the places in New York are able to visit just as first-class artwork and central park. Central Park is the beauty of New York . Central park serves as a picking hall, a zoo park and a museum, The 850 acres place of this city is close to attractions just like a metropolitan park.Metropolitan park if u want a significant experience of art then u will go to metropolitan park. enhance a ticket and enter the park u can see the art exhibition and the beauty of the park. besides this bars, pizza homes, shopping malls, art galleries, news headquarters, famous public places, government institutes and all other fundamental security institutes are also situated in new I will suggest if u want t visit outside then u add this city to visiting list.


As we know Barcelona is famous for football in al over the world but if u will visit this city u will see an infinite amount of buildings situated in Barcelona many of the tallest buildings, food points, hostels, entertaining museum,and water pools. Antoni Gaudi invents names all over the Barcelona buildings and the most famous one is the Sagrada Familia. Sagrada family is the tallest church situated in Barcelona. after seeing the Sagrada Familia u will imagine the no religious place just like Sagrada Familia. The antoni gaudi also gave the name of many buildings in Barcelona just as a casa mila and casa Balto. that s why I will suggest u visit Barcelona and see the most incredible views there.






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