WHAT IS A MAGAZINE? DO U KNOW WHAT A MAGAZINE IS? Magazines consist of some papers that cover situations like business, sports, politics, social problems, corruption, technology, arts, fashion, gaming, and all other information that, fashion, gaming, and all other information which attracts people. if you are also interested to add something to your study list then choose the magazine. here is also a question? which type of magazine do you read countryside or over the world? then I will suggest u read a worldwide magazine because it can increase your knowledge so much. here we discuss the top magazines in the world after reading worldwide magazines. U would know the worldwide situation.

1. Filmfare Magazine

Filmfare magazine is an Indian English-language magazine. it was published in 1952 and founded by j.c.jain. Indian company published it just like a handbook on the history of Bollywood. Filmfare magazine mostly writes about the life of Bollywood actors. how they take a classic shoot in film. Filmfare also writes about the awards divide among Bollywood actors. Filmfare magazine is also famous among the Indian public because this magazine provides the reader with information about top Bollywood actors.

2. TIME Magazine

Time magazine is an American news magazine published in new york city head of America, it was published on march 3, 1923.In starting it was published weekly but few years it was published every other week. Time magazine is very famous among American people .because this magazine provides the reader with information about the country mostly updated incidents. time magazine is also most famous all over the world .because America is a united nation and every country’s prime minister attends any time in the united nation. time magazine told every situation which create in the united nation that’s why readers read it weekly to know the worldwide condition.

3. The Economist Magazine

The economist magazine is an English British magazine, this magazine published by the economist group in 1843. the economist magazine provides us with current affairs social problems, business, sports, politics, arts, and functions. The Economist magazine also checked the facked news in local magazines, especially all over the world. Economist magazine also highlights the major issue disturbing of country. a vast amount of businessman people read this magazine daily because it writes about social conditions and economic position.

4. GQ Magazine

Gq magazine is an international monthly magazine, especially for young men. it was published by conda nast in new york city in 1957. this magazine especially focuses on men’s style, fashion, celebrities, music, travelling, sports, business, books, and technology. GQ magazine informs young men’s every updated style and fashion.GQ magazine told about everything which is suitable for a young man just like shoes, dresses, and travelling bags.GQ have one speciality we can read it in English and Spanish.

5. The Week Magazine

Week magazine is a weekly magazine in the edition of united kingdom and united states. the first time, it was published in the UK in 1995 and published in the USA in 2001. an Australian publisher add this magazine in 2008between 2012. this magazine covers politics, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and many more. this magazine was the first which write about three countries on the same subjects. this magazine is sailing all over the world because it is published with the country combination.






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