A company is known as a co, in which most people work together and achieve a special task and create suitable products. most companies in the world work hard and create products for people just as apple company, Facebook and amazon. all these companies post their products in all industries and provide information to people online. Besides this, these companies also provide products to people online. all over the top most companies suggested that people bought their products against any other companies. Here we discuss the top richest companies in the world and how many of the sales of their products per year.

1. Apple Inc US$394.33 billion

Apple inc company is an American international company in California. it was founded on April 1, 1976, by los altos. this company have a wide range of technology and technology, this company provide tablet,iPhone, computer and laptop. this company also provide electronics refrigeration, LCD and AC. This company is very popular all over the world. the richest people take everything themselves as products of apple company. in the technology market, the demand for apple is very high and the reason for this the shapes and the display of apple companies are very attractive and beautiful. in this century apple products are costly and sale is very easy.

2. Saudi Aramco 359.2 billion USD

Saudi Aramco is commonly known as Saudia Arabia’s public petroleum and oil company. it was founded in 1933. Saudi Aramco company provide oil and gas to all countries. all over the world need oil and gas then they contact this company. Saudi Aramco is the second large prove crude oil for the country. saudi aramco companies are the number one company to provide oil and gas on a daily. nowadays in Saudia Arabia, this company ranked very fastly due to its supply.

3.Microsoft 168 billion USD

Microsoft is an American technology company which produces computer software, and personal computers. it was founded in 1975 by bill gates and paul Allen. Microsoft is best known as a software and hardware and windows operating system. this company provide information to people about computer software. In the world, the computer is mostly used product and the computer system gained from Microsoft company that’s why the sale of this company increase day by day. Microsoft Company is the 3rd best richest company in the world because of the device used in laptops, computers, and systems have the invention of this company. this company invent the richest person bill gates that’s why this company is most famous.

4.Alphabet 365.3 billion USD

Alphabet is an American multinational company. its headquarter is in California .it was founded in 1998 by larry page and sergey brin. alphabet company is also an apparent company of google LLC and several other subsidiary companies .alphabet company works as google company. this company cooperate with the operating system and the internet all over the world. alphabet is a perfect search engine system. alphabet help companies solve mobile phone and internet service problems. as google have complete information about all over the world this company is created by google for google subscriber. due to the link with google, the rating of the alphabet increased day by day and became the fourth largest company in the world.

5. Amazon 1.158 trillion USD

Amazon is an American international company. it is the fifth largest company in the world founded by ht richest person by jeff bezos in his working garage in starting it was for selling and buying products online after ranking on amazon fastly they expand their service to online games, selling mobiles, shoes and all daily bases used electronics products. nowadays the demand for amazon is very increased due to its service and regard. amazon stands for the business of many people because working on amazon is online .online is such a way in which u sell and bought anything very easily and amazon do this online purchasing very to the amazon customer. Amazon is a big brand on the internet for survivors. all the richest brands used this company link to sell everything just as shoe companies and cloth companies.

6.Tesla 81.46 billion USD

Tesla inc is an American international company that was founded in san Carlos on July 1, 2003, in California united state city. this company is working wor automobiles and vehicles all over the world. this company also works on roof tiles and solar panels. all over the world vehicles make this company and introduce new models of any vehicle just as a car and trucks. tesla also works with many other companies on changing vehicles to electronic vehicles. in the market, the vehicles of this company are very high because this is only one company which works on vehicles and solar panels .this company is also demanded because this company change the devices into electronic devices .all over the world electronic devices created by this company keep their value high in customers. tesla has a70,700 employees and 600-something retail price stores all over the world working for tesla. tesla company provide vehicle parts to all other small companies for the improvement of small companies.

7.United Health Group[UHG] 285.3Billion USD

United health group is an American multinational company working for healthcare and insurance companies founded in January 1977. it is the world’s no 1 insurance and healthcare company. in all over the world insurance dealings handle by this company. about 380,000 employees working in this company and bright the value of this company. this company also suggested strategies to companies how to spend life healthier and provide healthcare ways. this company also guide the world institute on how they fight healthy diseases and how they spent the healthiest life in this era.

8.Johnson And Jhonson 479.51 Billion USD

Johanson and Johnson’s company is an international pharma which makes drugs and medicines all ave the world. this company is founded by three brothers Robert wood johnson, James wood johnson and edward mead johnson in 1886. this company operates with 250 subsidiary companies and services of this company in 60 countries. this company have value in the field of medicine and drugs. all over the world medicine is proven by this company and checked by this company. the demand for this company in the market is very high because this company is a brand name in the field of pharma medical field .about 144,500 employees work in this company which proves the value of this company.

9.Meta Platform(facebook) -457.80 Billion USD

Meta platform is firmly named Facebook. Facebook is an American multinational company based in Menlo park California founded by mark Zuckerberg in 2004. this company is famous for making social media networking sites. Facebook create many websites just as WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. the short name of Facebook is FB and employers handle this company is 71,970 in all world. this website is very fast to provide news to our subscribers .in this era the invention of Facebook is just a miracle. the popularity of this website is that this website provides information first against any other website. this website also creates many websites for the help of viewers just as Whatsapp through which u can meet online with friends and meet on audio calls. that’s why Facebook is a very popular website in the world.

10. Taiwan Semiconductor 21.35 billion USD

Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (tsmc)is a Taiwanese multinational company that manufactures semiconductors. this company is founded by morris change in 1987. this company works for semiconductor products such as a circuit. it is only one company in Taiwan which work for circuit .all over the world companies which links with circuit products contact this company to buy circuit link products because these is very demandable in these fields .about 65,152 employers handle this company to rise up the value of this company.

11.Visa 423.53 Billion USD

visa company is a financial multinational company founded in California .this company clears everything for funds transfers through debit cards, visa cards credit cards and all other cards used for funds transfer. in all over the world for funds transfer, this company is very demandable. this company is the best platform for the financial company institute to offer customers using credit cards, and debit cards in daily life. the transfer facilities of this company are very fast. th e10 million transactions of this company on daily bases

12. Nividia 422.23 Billion USD

Nividia company is a California-based company which working that design graphic processor and also with circuit .this company is founded in 1933. this is the only company which deals with the circuit and processing unit. this company handles 22,473 employers all over the world. in the market for the products of computer systems and circuits, this company is very demandable.

13. Walmart 572.8 billion USD 

Walmart is American is an international company on July 2, 1962, this company is founded by two brothers sam walton and bud walton. this company is especially for discount department stores and grocery stores. this company handle all over the world grocery products. according to the list of a survey of 2022, this company has 10,526 retail stores and is purchasing in 24 countries, about 2 million people link with the Walmart company.

14.Samsung 313.15 Billion USD

Samsung company is a South Korean company which is the world’s most famous mobile phone manufacturing company .this company also manufactures, electronics devices, and makes batteries, ic chips, semiconductors, cameras and sensors image .this company is founded in 1969. this company is very popular in 74 countries. the demand o this company in the market is very high due to the mobile phone of Samsung company. this company introduce a new model in the market that’s why this company ranked day by day in the world and bright their name.

15.Bank of America 258.99 USD

Bank of America is an American multinational investment bank and financial service holdings bank company all over the world. this company was founded on September 30, 1998. this bank was founded by Amedeo Giannini .bank of America is also known as BofA and boa shortly name bank of America .this bank is the second largest in America and eighth largest bank in the world .this bank provides facilities to the US public for their easiness. about more than 200,000 working for this bank. I hope u enjoy these articles so why link with us for more interesting articles?






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