As we were living in the 20th century most people want to have their own magnificent android mobile. as in this century everything is swift and luxurious. that s why most financial people bought luxury android mobiles because they want everything luxurious. best android mobiles depended on the best and most luxurious apps just as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, snack videos, amazon etc. the strength of android mobiles are luxurious apps. most of the apps are costly and most of the apps are free of cost. according to the modern era also some apps to earn money. Facebook, amazon, tik tok and many more apps are known as earning apps. due to this modern era apps and mobile phones contact us with the whole world’s situation that’s why we will suggest u used those apps on your mobile phones which are beneficial for earning and knowledge. in the modern era also some funniest apps are present for worried people. if u are unaware of these apps so read our instructions carefully and point to point u will know the importance of earning apps, financial apps, business types and the funniest apps. the list of the top 15 apps most used in the world is given below as also their ranking and their followers per year.

1. Facebook 2.93Billion Users

Facebook is known as the American social media networking app. this app is free of cost. Facebook is found by mark Zuckerberg in 2004 who was a student at Harvard University. the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Parks, California. Facebook is known as the largest social networking site with three billion users in 2021 and more than 1 billion people using this app. these apps are free of cost and the most earning point of Facebook is ads on these websites. those people who are unaware of these apps can upload their pages and post easily. users of Facebook chat with each other and uploaded new statuses to aware of their friends. when any user posts something on their personal page other users respond to his post by clicking the like signal. Facebook apps are very beneficial for businessmen people they sold their products very easily and continue their business with these apps. so used this app on your mobile phone to be aware of the world.

2. Whatsapp Messenger Over 2.24 Billion Users

Whatsapp Messenger is an international freeware app which is famous for writing messages and voice calls. Whatsapp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009. Whatsapp Messenger is a plate form of free cost for messaging and video calls. about more than 2 billion people used this app. this app allows its users to send voice and text message send and video calls with this app users send their location, documents and images this app is also personal u can use this app with friends to meet and send messages gradually. the speciality of this app u can know the location of any user. this app is very beneficial for security resources because with its app they can know the position and location of the culprit. nowadays this app is very popular among every person. most personnel use this app due to take status. so will suggest u add this app to your android to know your friends’ situations and locations.

3. Instagram has 1.21 Billion Users

Instagram app is famous for sharing free photos and videos on android and apple phones. this app was released by an American company on October 6, 2010. this app is free of cost. this app work just like Facebook and can upload photos and videos with your friends independently. this app is famous for editing photos and sharing videos. mostly users used this app to edit their photos very clearly. about 1.21 billion users of Instagram. users can also see the comments and like posts shared with friends and group friends. most famous people used this app to contact their followers and users. so we will suggest adding this app to your android to edit your photos and shared videos.

4. Amazon has 310 Million Users

Amazon is an American multinational company famous for e-commerce, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Amazon was founded by jeff bezos on July 5, 1994, in the Washington united States. this company has 514 billion USD in earnings per year. Amazon is an American retail store for worldwide people and investors where they sold their products online very easily. Amazon is very famous because they charge very less and promises to companies and investors to gain much more. about 1,541,000 employers work in this retail store .this amazon app is very beneficial for business people and marketers so we will suggest u add this app to your android app list for your benefit.

5. Tik Tok Over 1 Billion Users

Tik tok app is also a social media platform where users create and discover their videos very easily .this app is founded in September by a Chinese company byte-dance. it allows users to edit videos openly from 3 seconds to 10 seconds. mostly young people used this app to show them the world through singing, dancing and through Islamic videos. About over 1 Billion active users of tik tok. this app is very beneficial for young people and students because this app shows their expressions to the world .so we will suggest young people and students add this app To their android app list to be aware of new fashions.

6. Snapchat has 750 million Users

Snapchat app is an American multinational app. it was founded on July 8, 2011. Snapchat is usually famous for editing pictures and videos for a short time before they become unaccess to other users. about 750 million users. this app is very beneficial for young people. with this app, they edit their picture as they agree. after making an edited photo they send it to their friends and relatives. That’s why this app is your android beauty so add it to your app list.

7. Twitter has 396.5 Million Users

Twitter is an American social media company founded on march 21,2006 in Fransico, California in the United States. about 450 million active users of monthly this app. Twitter allows users to share their thoughts and expressions with others users. Twitter is also known for entertainment and news. Twitter is also the best tool for business add this app to your android app list to connect with the world.

8. Snack Video 10 Million Users

Snack video is another Chinese app. this app is also a social networking site just as a tik tok .this app is also working as tik tok .because with this app u can also make short videos and film shorts. Most young people used this app. with this app, u can also find the content in which you are interested and feel happy. just as in tik tok app, u can upload your singing, dancing and entertaining expression this app is also famous for these qualities. this app is installed by the play store. so add this app to the android app list to show your feelings to worldwide people.

9. U Tube 2.1 Billion Users

U tube is a global online video-sharing and big media platform .it was launched on 14, February 2005 in san mateo, California a city in the United States. after googling this website is the most searched in the world. this website has earned above 28 billion USD all over the world this app is famous for watching every type of video. this app provides users with video links with entertainment, singing, sports, news, weather and many more videos linked in which the users are interested. u found worldwide information from this app. so add this app to your android app list to watch and be aware of worldwide situations.

10. Vidmate 500 Million Users

Vidmate is such an app in which u download videos and movies very fast and easily. this app is founded by a UC web developer. this app is very famous for downloading any social media videos in a minimum time and benefits those persons who have little time. after google and u tube, this app provides their users with worldwide videos and news so fast .this app is a free facility for users. so add this app to your android app list.

11. Spotify has 456 Million Users

Spotify app is mainly known as the digital audio media service, this app was founded in april23,2006Daniel EK and Martin Lorentz. this app has 489 million users monthly according to December 2022. this app is famous for audio music and is totally free. Spotify has 50 million more songs in its catalyst. it is the top music streaming app all over the world. so add this app to your app list to enjoy music.

12. Bigo Live 400 Million Users

A well-known live stream app and platform in the world .this app is released by a bigo technology company. the owner of this company is David Li and Jason Hu.both of them created this app in 2014. this app is live streaming. with this app u chat with other people online and worldwide people. this app is also popular for every type of online gaming. and also known as the worldwide social situations. so add this app to your android app list to chat with worldwide people.

13. UC Browser 13,100,000per second Users

UC Browser is known as the web browser developed by UC web company it was very famous in India and Indonesia countries it is also famous in china as of 2017.from all browsers this browser is very fast and secure from any hacking software. with this app, u can design any type of new browser. with the UC browser, u can find the experience of watching videos, downloading any files and visiting any type of website. this app is released for smart android mobiles .so add this app to your app list for a better experience of other websites.

14. Google Drive Over 1Billion Users

Google Drive app is developed by Google company google drive is a space where u took every personal profile and any device. Google company released this app on April 24, 2012. in this app, u enter any person and leave comments. Google have 15GB of storage and divides between Google DriveG mail and Google photos. so add this app to the smartphone app list to put any device and document in Google Drive.

15. Google Maps 2.5 Million Users

Google Maps is a mapping app developed by google company .due to this app google is commonly used all over the world. this app is created by jens Elistrup Rasmussen on February 8, 2005. this app is specially created for driving locations. every driver on a bike, car, ship or jet used this app to find the right direction. this app helps to find out the whole world’s location easily .it may be helpful for you during your mountain tour. so add this app to your android app list it is a very necessary app for smartphones .






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