We know that money is very necessary to spend life. some people want to become rich with a small effort but to earn money effort is first priority. if you want to earn money very fast then you choose those websites which are helping for making money. some people found every time that websites are earning points websites. we will suggest those websites which help in your career and make you an idea to earn money very quickly. In today’s time, a most person wants their own site’s business to grow fastly. with the help of the given websites, u will able to stand your own business on the home side. given below I gave the list of top-earning websites which earn money very quickly by giving good products and service facilities to clients online and using the best strategy to earn money. Read the following instruction to earn money quickly and for general knowledge of companies’ struggles.


Amazon is an American multinational company that mostly focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. in world. this company is based on works selling books, movies, housewares, toys, electronics and many luxurious products online. all over the world, this company is known as the best retail store against others.

Website Name:

Category: E-commerce

Founder Name: Jeff Bezos

Revenue:$746.22 Billion

Founded: On July 5, 1994, Washington United State

2)Thomson Reuters;

Thomson Reuters is a Canadian company based on a large media communicator and also providing the financial data about any website which can help u to earn money easily this website is known as the well-known rooms of news in all over the world .this company won many noble prizes on their on-time coverage and many international contents.

Website Name:

Category: Mass media, financial marketing data

Founder: James C Smith, David Thomson

Revenue:$1.760 Billion

Founded: On April 17, 2008, in Toronto, Canada.

3. Facebook;

Meta Platform is firmly known as Facebook.Facebook is an american multinatioanl comapny .Facebook is famous for online social media and social media services .now a day’s Facebook earns money with ads and provides customer online service. Facebook is a very famous social media networking site that provides clients with social news first of all. Facebook helps people to connect with other users through profiles.

Website Name:

Category: Social media networking service

Founder: Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz

Revenue:$117.9 Billion

Founded: February 2004, Cambridge.

4. Pay Pal;

Paypal is an American multinational financial technology company .pay pal is used for online payment systems and to receive and send money safely and securely. when we link our bank account, debit card and credit card with pay pal account we gain payment. pay apl also uses in banks with checks and money transfers. this method is a very fast and secure method to transfer payment.

Website Name:

Category: Credit Card, Debit Card, Payment System, Financial Service.

Founder: Peter Thiet, Elon Mask, Max Levchin, Ken Howery.

Revenue:$1.49 Trillion

Founded: December 1998, California in United State

5. Google;

Googel LLC is an American multinational company. this company is famous for online advertising, search engine technology and computer software and hardware, this company also leads in android and smartphones. google company earn money fastly through google maps, google chrome and many more google LLC tools, in world google is used for searching information it may be for financial, business or any economic condition.

Website Name:

Category: Online Advertising, internet, hardware and software

Founders: Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Scott Hassan

Revenue:$75.9 Billion

Founded: September 4, 1998, in Menlo Park, California United State

6. U Tube;

YouTube is an American international company derived for the online sharing of videos process and social media platforms for all websites. this website is derived from google company and is the second website in the world for watching videos and social media, in this website people can share their own videos, like, comment and watch any videos, this website provides videos for all types of people. the access of these websites to provide service on laptops, androids, tablets and PCs.

Website Name:

Category: Video Hosting Service

Founder: Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen

Revenue:$28.8 Billion

Founded: February 14, 2005, in California United State



JD company is known as Jingdong and formerly known as 360 buy. this company is derived from a Chinese company. this company build up a suitable platform which can help in e-commerce, logistics, financial internet and smart technology.JD com is the largest Chinese retail company and provide customer online shopping experience with luxurious products. due to this online shopping experience this company also add-in fortune global 500.

Website Name:

Category: E-commerce

Founder: Liu Qiangdong

Revenue:$1.20 Billion

Founded: June 18, 1998, in Beijing, China.

8. Alibaba;

Alibaba is a Chinese multinational company famous for e-commerce, retail, internet and technology. Alibaba is an online B2B company where the whole world’s customers can connect and carry out transactions. this company is a very trustable platform. this platform million of million businessmen used for their benefit. its reputation is very high and its service in the whole world.

Website Name:

Category: E-commerce, retail, and online action hosting

Founder: Jack Ma, Zhang Ying, Toto Sun, Peing Lei

Revenue:$207.18 Billion

Founded: April 4, 1999, Hangzhou, China.


Instagaram is a free photos and video sharing social media networking sites available on i phones and android owned by American company known as the meta platform ,facebook.people can upload photos,videos and shares to our followers and friends.they can also give comments about other users post .this websites provide customer entetaing video and refresh them.on Instagram users can posts shared publically and approved followers .

Website Name:

Category:Social Media

Founder:Kevin Systrom,Mike Kreiger

Revenue:$33.3 Billion

Founded:October 6,2010 in United State


Twitter is an american social media and social networking sites prepared by American company twitter inc.twiiter allow users to with other users and also post their thought feeling with the audienca.twiterr is a source of a news ,entertainment and a best tool for businessman and financial people.mostly populated and famous people used this websites to connect with their followers and users.the access of twitter on pcs,mobile phones and laptop.the main features of twitter it send message directly with your friends and followers.twitter is best one for conservation.

Website Name:

Category:Entertainment,News and Social media networking service

Founder:Jack Dorsey,Elon Mask,Biz Stone,Evan Williams

Revenue:$4.4 Billion

Founded:March 21,2006 in California United State;

Wikipedia is a free online Encylopedai written and handled by some volunteers community which known as the Wikipedains.anyone who write any article and he has no idea about article Wikipedia is best key to write article.wikipedia is a largest and most read reference and themes work in history.against others websites wikipedai have a vast information about any historian personality and inventions.Wikipedai written comprehensive words that contain all types world wide knowledge and information.Wikipedia gave worda about any topics and most of ideas are reliable.

Website Name:

Category:Online Encylopedia

Founder:jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger


Founded: January 15,2001 in United State


Yandex is an Russian multinational company related to internet service,this company is known as the famous corporation company which deals with the navigation,maps,transport,and mobile is also used for online advertising on any website.Yandex is most popular search engine in russia and fifth no in wolrd.

Website Name:https://yandex,com/

Category:internet related software service

Founder:Arkady Volozh,Liya Segalovich

Reveneu:$7.05 Billion

Founded:23 September,1997 Moscow,Russia.


Linkedin is a business employment platform.which work through websites and mobile apps.the main purpose of LinkedIn connects the worlds professional to become a more incentive and is mainly used as a posting and seeking jobs and eternship.linkedin help u learning those skills which are beneficial for u future a days linkedin used as a jobs searching website and known as the microsoft.

Website Name:

Category:Social networking service

Founder:Allen Blue,Reid Hoffman,Jeff Weiner

Revenue:$13.8 Billion

Founded:2002 , mountain view,California,united state


Yahoo was an American international company that offers a search engine and world wide pages organized in searching of topic categories.this website is also lead in news,e-mail and finance.this websites is mostly used in united is a technical company connect with the worldwide users and gave those things which they love.

Website Name:

Category:Web portal ,news,mail,finance sports

Founder:Jerry Yang,David Filo

Revenue:$7.4 Billion

Founded:January 1994,in California ,United State


Netflix is an American company provide service about live streaming movies,tv programmes and many more online service offer.this website allow users watching live streaming movies connected with the internet devices.Netflix is only option which can watch worldwide program without internet connection.this website have an unlimited numbers of films ,documentaries and a large list of television is very popular in old and young people because this website have a large selections of movies for them.

Website Name:

Category:online streaming ,tv programmes and movies on demand.

Founder:Reed Hasting,Marc Randolph

Revenue:$31.6 Billion

Founded:August 29,1997,Scotts valley,California,United State.






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