Pubg Secondary verification Remove

Pubg Mobile Secondary Verification remove process

Scamer/Hacker link Phone number

You cannot login account show verification

The hacker has linked the mobile number. You do not have access to the mobile number. You have any login with which you are opening an account. The hacker is opening the account, but you are not able to do it.

Secondary verification

Pubg HELP support

If you have backup codes they are used up.

Account may be temporary. banned. ban disables verification of some accounts not others. So it will be necessary to check whether it will recover or not.

You can also talk to professionals: EMAIL ATIFSKILLSWALA@GMAIL.COM

It will take a 1-day ban, next 3 days ban

You will get some charges and our team will ban the account.

If 2nd link scam has happened then it can be recovered by banning.

Can also recover by talking to pubg help & sport if you have proofs

Hallo Player,

Thanks for your patience!

My name is Terisa, and Ican see that you need assistance regarding a hacked account. We are gald to know that the hacked email and phone number, which were linked to you game account, have been removerd and two-step verification has been disabled. We would suggest you please re-ligin your account and check your account. Please rest assured and do not share your credentials with anyone.






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  1. Mxamjani Avatar

    Pubg Secondary verification Remove

  2. Mxamjani Avatar

    Pubg Secondary verification

  3. Shokha Avatar

    I’m not receiving a verification code on my phone number?

  4. Ali Akbar solangi Avatar

    Secondery verification on

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